Thursday, January 06, 2011

We've been dancing for some time now

I turn and run from your touch
Not because I don't want it
Oh how I want it 
It's just too much
Too much
And what have I got
Would it be enough 
You could have my love
But of it what?

A year ago
Tiny flowers on your pillow
A plate of food 
Left in you're room
A familar tune
Brought you your shoes

You were whiskey drunk that night
yer head full of sparks
I was hiding flying high
wine lush, cheeks flush
You called me to your side
Turning your face to mine
Met me in the middle 
Rather unprofessional
Planting seeds
And you've come in my dreams
To save me from me 
More times than you'd think
I blame the drink
Just to get some sleep

And i hide mine
Cause if catch your eyes
I'd be lost in them
And I fall hard on
The thought of
Finding home there
In a deep stare
Something familiar
Some love to live for


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