Monday, January 31, 2011


by fLOT 

Coagulating sunshine and blue sky
Melted into my mind
Sentences framing words
Cancelling wanderings
I had scheduled

Little mental developments
Snowballing with gravity
Explaining what we all can see

Suggestions and suggestability
Propose ideas inside of me
I vocalize the floating systems
Allowing and debilitating actions

Concrete in my head developing
Explanations of the edified extrapolations
Fancy words sound good together
Voiding the mindless meandering

Pushing pulling lifting and culling

Ripping open new realms
Tipping over old carts full of cartographers
Mapping the revoluting culture and language
Against the moments we live inside and around
Barely understanding whatever we can

Happy to have that
Happy to have anything

Santa Cruz, CA

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