Monday, February 27, 2006

Away Message 4162

i'm sitting close by, contemplating dissapointments and let-downs, realizing that

for what it's worth i'm killing myself without even trying
and i'm starting to notice that i'm not the only one who's dying
and when the whole human race is dead and gone
we'll be moths encased in glass and tacked to the wall
embalmed and not rotting we talk without talking
we can't see a thing, our eyes have been ripped from our faces
but breathe easy as we are far from dangerous places
the glass seperates us from any harm
like china dolls in their pristine charm
give me a thumbtack, i'm ending my life
to start living dead, embalmed and frozen in my prime
wasting away without wasting away
behind this glass... i'm here to stay


random strings of code said...

This is actually something I wrote about three or four years ago, but it's very in tune with me right now so i threw it back in the mix. Hope it's appreciated.

Mac said...

I'm thinking maybe... you need to get out of the studio more