Thursday, February 16, 2006

For Those Who Dream and Vomit.

If you know me.....or know of me, or would like to know me better,
I have been dreaming of vomiting since I turned 21 on the 13th of October this past year.
The potential threat has presented itself for quite some time now, unfortunately, to no prevail.

Certainly a sad and wilted thing.

I would like you all to know that tonight, with the help of a Chef salad covered with Ranch dressing, fatigue, French Vanilla coffee, a glass of shitty Merlot, followed by a glass of Cabernet, the gyrations of an outstandingly attractive blond woman in a leather jacket and stiletto boots, topped off with an Intyer lemon drop shot, Punk Rock brew, light headed, over heating long-johns, Love Mussels, Jelly Beans, Clowns, a little bit of Sun straight off the Island, and some crazy smiling cat singing "Devil Went Down To Georgia", with a Doctor on call,

I Elizabeth Emily D'Agostino, have indeed accomplished my goal.

I have seen the light at the end of this long, dark, hard tunnel of travesties.
I have viewed a LSD laced Salem Halloween with strangers. Danced outside a Wal*Mart dressed as a Bunny. Made illusory love to a weather predicting groundhog from Punxsatawney PA, all without the sweet release that accompanies a good ol’ fashion retch.

Just yesterday I was saying, "Big things are about to happen for us all."

Point proven.

I've flipped the switch.

It’s you fine folk that have helped me to do so.
Are you all ready to ride this rollercoaster?

You're not really alive unless you vomit.

Thank you.
I will enjoy my dreams should have seen it...


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