Saturday, February 25, 2006

tension is a killer

yeah, I’m a horrible person
I’ll be the first one to admit
cause these eyes are crazy ones
and I just don’t give a shit

all this dancing light
the raindrops and the spit
and the way we waste our precious time
has really made me sick

I wanna leave this racing car
through a window that I’ll break
cause I’d rather sleep in vomit
and feel the pavement on my face

damn, I’m so unsatisfied
with the lack of love we make
but no, I wont write that book
cause there’s too much here at stake

now worry not my little friends
the bunny hasn’t died
narcotics have her bound and gagged
and she’s napping for the night

so pardon me for feeling so
belligerent and snide
my head just hurts and my spirit’s heavy
with the other me I hide

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