Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the joy of killin time

wicked little clusters
even the word upturns bother
malfunction of heredity
and genetic questions

this brings to mind addiction
yours and mine alone
could engulf every firefly
in passionate frenzy

and stumble we will
down distant cobblestone
hanging off your arm
to steady the fall

an earthen fae
makes life outa fear
reminding us all
to watch what we dream

and I couldn’t find the apple pie
between the pages on the road
I guess someone musta ate it all
cause I sure didn’t

the kid thinks weird of me
and the strange company I keep
can someone be that conservative
with only ten under his belt

and I ‘ve fallen in love again
with the tree branches
and the wind in them
and the leaves falling outa time

you know how they say
an apple a day keeps the doctor away
but what if the apples too big and you’re too sick
to take the bite and swallow

I ‘ve got a friend
who gives out rings
and some don’t think
until glanced at funny

tonight could never end for me
but I haveta stop and get some sleep
even though the rooms to cold
to wake up in

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