Friday, February 10, 2006

can you grab a cheetahs tail as it flys by in hot pursuit
or throw a stone into the wind and watch it float back to the earth
can the elephant sleep on a mousses tail without the fear of nightmare
will the sea ever meet the Midwest flats and all the other dusty corners
could a raindrop kiss an August blacktop without turning into steam
would the mistress ever enter into a wined wives dream
when will cigarettes stop causing cancer
or will we one day forget how to make the fire
and can we ever give back the Native America land
can you come home from the shore without all that sand
would one feel no remorse for a butterfly they caged
and could you read without words on the page
can your feet fit into my shoes without any pain
and would you win if you never played the game
will we learn to speak with the gag in our mouths
cause my hand just wants to know what yours is about

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