Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Butterfly Dream

the dream , I just remembered
oh, were her wings so grand
so delicate and beautiful
in the fall before the land
now from afar she was quite a sight
fluttering the way they always do
like the words on lovers lips
and sun in early morning dew

now I recall the desert
where thoughts came into mind
this air’s too hot and dusty dry
that wicked sun’s just too damn bright
the rains divorced this sandy sight
and the wind, well she’s out for the night
no, this place is never right
for such an exquisite butterfly

yet, we were bound to follow her
and she our trusted guide
and no one ever questioned
weather it was wrong or right
light we were with laughter
and heady was the wine
her wings spread out before us
tempting to take the dive

the sun was then split
splintering white
through our thoughts
and over our eyes
her silhouette against that light
was picture perfect of a life
where you no longer haveta fight
without the hope to guide you home

placing a hand upon my brow
to aid in sol filtering
I viewed her tremble with the heat
as the colours drained from me
holding my heart up in my throat
as our lady wavered in the air
threatening to plummet
all we could do was stare

so on she flew
and we all knew
exactly what we had to do
we started this to see it through
she was the hardest one to lose
but sometimes you just gotta choose
between the valiant dream
and the misguiding ruse

our friend she was collapsing
out from above the sky
her beautiful wings in shambles
she could no longer fly
so we gathered up our bearings
and fed her tiny body to the land
guiding her soul into the light
where she’d take wing again

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