Friday, February 24, 2006

The Wave That Ends It

well i think if the sun comes up tomorrow
the sea should rise up with him
capsized schooners bouncing matchstick style
on a big kahuna swell, thats more like it

i believe we're all well aware that disaster makes alot of money
maybe thats what God intended, or not?

watch the talking heads tomorrow, they'll let you know
just how devastated your uneducated
eyes are permitted to cry
but there's hope, there is always hope
in stillborn agencies and human-anities
always ready for human tragedy
with sandbags piled up to the sky....
i never knew you could stack shit that high.

well after the news vans are washed away
and after the fundraisers are extinct
and after you stop worrying about tomorrow today
i think we can all drown safely
i think we can all drown safely

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