Tuesday, February 07, 2006

kneckties are live-in hangmen

cutting pieces of the good days to create one perfect minute where i'll spend the rest of my life circulating an idea that tomorrow never comes as long as you don't fall asleep so a month is just a day with many shades of purple eyelids crawling through the wet newspaper
no there are times where i've abandoned all hope of finding peace of mind, but now i must confess that there's no time no time no time i'm late and so we travel through the void of self loathing and i've been down this road so many times I think the bullets taste like fruit juice and television cuts your soul in half are you listening you idiots just try to understand how useless and abandoned you are and I'll fire one off through the back of your skull at your request just don't make me go home alone I'm thirsty for a Bordeaux blackout

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