Sunday, February 12, 2006


Through snow stained glass
I see blue fire flashbulb
Frozen time and dark
Like the war has been brought
Home over a car lot tundra

That's waiting for someone who
Recognizes the lay of
The land burried alive beneath
This town, with its houses
Engulfing houses inside houses

a lonely hummmmmmmm of
streetlamp blues

I'm glad there's a lunatic
At the wheel cause the roads aren't
Any place to be unless you're a rare breed
And I'm glad the knowing vegan girl tried
To save his soul but those diner blurred

Eyes are taking the long way
Through me. I just need to see
The wind toppling giants as Zevon tells
Me stories of Biafra and I'm filled
With 17 different kinds of lust right now

but that's not important
not right now
what's important is

Sometimes I dream we make our
Way to Mexico and drink Sangria
Out of earthen cups, lie in the wet
Air, see different gods and make
Love when we talk about America

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