Tuesday, February 21, 2006


shedding lizard skin
and a tourniket
tuesday mornings
or watered down soup
that old iron oxide
a vitamin taste

with all the taste of last night's acid trip
truth is to human a concept

blenders spilling out white cosmic noise
maybe its osmosis that draws poetry
outta moments in droplets
hands shaking and the room's a mess again
suddenly i'm starving
blood and wine stains are
equally reminiscent in this light
blenders spilling out white cosmic noise

life has a knack for landing on its head

and now you've got to ask yourself
is my jaw line strong enough
throat feeling the weight
of everyone of those cigarettes

where do you buy a ticket
for Dante's Inferno
cuz the circles of hell
would be one hell of a place
to drag a date

in a hotel room
a shark called me viking
and assured me
we would drink
with Thor
in Valhala

pain killers and folk music
driving on snow covered roads

in the mornings
there's beer on my breath again
women are crippling
and i don't need a gypsy
fortune teller
to let me know
there's a cavity in my future

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