Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hey Orion,
you still stalking myths
across the horizon?
Waiting for the dark cold
of winter
to catch sight of some breath
coming off stars at
15,000,000 degrees K?

Keep them arrows trained
because that sky is moving fast
away, all that fly'n prey
are just stories you can
sink your teeth into
that we wrote large
to tame the stars

Walking home I could see
that hunter chasing fusion fire
through the night
but man those city light
kept moving in and
soon the sky was all
washed out,
just another way
we kill our own legends
with street lights
and blinding neon beer mugs,
to forget there were things
bigger than strip malls.
Once when we hunted gods,
when trees meant
more than future patios,
and we had to create
the hard way

1 comment:

Apotheosis said...

I've been reading this, over and over, and it only gets better!