Sunday, February 26, 2006

natural bridges

reflections off ice cold windows
light that cant escape
like the light caused
by the friction of road
sick fingers rubbing those
state-line weary eyes
maybe the other side of that
glass is just a story we
tell but we don't believe

so when we make our way on
with divining rods and Adderall
and if everything else is made
of chemicals then i should be too
so don't tell me your wish
or it wont come true
every heartbreak is a miracle
told in ink-stained rhyme
dragging behind
reality yellow dust
and right now now this ocean
is a miracle
and a parking space by
the swings is a miracle
and warm breath on
ice cold windows
is a miracle
when it's better to exploding
than to be free

if natural bridges can
crumble into the sea
is there any chance
maybe someday so could we


Lilly said...

.... so damn beautiful

random strings of code said...

it is very pretty, i feel it like the new jersey turnpike