Monday, December 12, 2005

1000 Words

Found an old picture today
hidden under yellowed thoughts
had to drink a gallon of water
left me even dryer
couldn't soak up a drop
spit up dust all over my shoes

That day on the cliff
heading due north
it's been a long time
since she wore her hair like that,
but I can almost
feel it in my face still
draping down

Maybe we didn't know
where we'd find a tree to sleep under
or that Maine has birds
that look suspiciously like penguins
I remember 1000 miles of road ahead
but something about that cliff
and that vertigo
climbing, and the sensation of not quite falling

Henry Hudson looked up at those cliffs
dreaming of spices and women with wine dark eyes
we kicked pebbles over the ledge
with 1000 miles of road ahead
dreamt of dining on rocky beaches
not remembering history
that this way lies nothing but dead ends

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