Monday, December 19, 2005

tuck-in truth sleepyhead

in-between the time the wine
hits the back of your throat
there’s a million moments
making you choke

now everything gives you cancer
George Carlin said it best
earth’s got her back covered
that’s why death is spread through sex

for we are but a mockery
a mere experiment
to please the giggling gods above
until they are content

to recognize the eyes of spies
to tame the plague of slander
seduce the beast whilst she feasts
and live in the love you hand her

within it all
or maybe under
someone snores
and roars with thunder

seven pence nonsense
this is all too raw for me
I just want to live within your face
where all the words are free

there’s a true child
and a cold hand
in a battlefield
with will to stand

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