Sunday, December 18, 2005

let me tell you

i'll be brief in this recolection
i devoured worlds and killed more than my fair share
i miss the simple principles
i swallowed arsnic until i couldn't feel my hands
awakening under blue skys and a beautiful array of birds

this isn't the first time
and the last time will shock them all but when i'm old and grey

how do you perceive perfection
is it a sad collection of words or a single drop of blood
i promise to be more someday
but for now the words i empart upon you are as follows

the night is meant to destroy and come morning your headache will remind you
the blood flow will drive you
and i will be there swinging from a rope with a smile on my face. breathing clearly, neck in tact and telling all who pass that yes it is that bad and no
i don't care
for tommorrow tommorrow
you may be

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