Monday, December 19, 2005


I keep finding myself in the same place, smoking the same cigarettes, talking about the same things with the same people. Bored. Loneliness in numbers. Even a crowd can't kill this. Still coughing up gunk and nicotine, spitting yellow. Still reading 12 books, not understanding a word. Re-reading the same lines, forgetting where I left off. Still not undertstanding. Once again, the same conversation. Bullshit theories and cosmic nonsense. We're not making any sense but we're both pretending we understand. "What were we talking about?" Picking up where we left off. "Time travel," "AH, YES! It is a state of mind." "Well, the laws of physics state..." and on we go, until the coffee goes cold or cigarettes become stale. Even a crowd can't kill us.

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Anonymous said...

get some culture shock