Sunday, December 25, 2005

Everything is Karaoke

this is where you feel that action
to be plugged directinto the screen
it's precicse selection
if that's the right move, go with it
don't let 'em catch their breath
bottles may break and that chick
just ain't gonna stop dancing no matter
how tight those pants are

that table stretches on forever
slide down a glass of shoe polish
like grainy old western movie, when
they never shoot the piano player
we've all got our own motions,
splendid automation, and you
can see it in their hair
every word is true, if you believe
that sort of thing

sound hanging down
like london fog, getting under your fingernails
where times like these live
where thoughts don't get lost in translation
where that guy just walked
into the wrong bathroom stall

so grab another taste of cherry flavored
lip bomb, clear out that room right quick
and lick my ears one more time for luck
go on, kid
yer a fuckin STAR!

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