Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Crash-test Dummy

Hey your mother needs a ride
I'd take her up the road
but there was this truck
she'll call a fucking taxi

she's drunk

So the woman came down again
said what the shit is "anxiety"
told me to get more jobs
I said I would

I wont

She's sick of picking up the peices
I'm tired of throwing them all around
these messes on the floor
The mess inside my head

Box upon Box

The dogs are back again
this time they're barking barking
Wet pets! Wet pets! Wet pets!
with the door knob in their mouths

so let them in

Licking shaking slippery
tail biting bafoons
The rain slicks off their backs
and reeks to the floor

Let them out

My face met the steering wheel today
as my foot failed to suduce the break
Now I drive myself wild
Running the whole time

into everything

I can't figure out where I am
Or how I got here
Time spent or not
"Hey, what'd ya do to your face?"

It musta been that truck....

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