Monday, December 26, 2005

i left you in so many different towns

theres too much blood on my guitar
my finger burnt from tip to joint
she slept naked in my luxury
trying hard to make a point
hours passed before i asked
if one of us had better leave
she smoke my only cigarette
and burnt holes into my sleeves

soon days turned into nightcaps
and broken bread was passed around
two weeks i borrowed pieces of the fools love i had found

shaking cold december mornings from our hair in mid july
i had to asked her saturday
how anything survived
when the train still leaves virginia
under cloak and dagger grace
and the pelicans are careful not to look a real man in the face

she said don't forget the morning
cause we're all doing our best
not ruffle any feathers
that aren't lavishly dressed

so the dry ink smell of new tattoo
wakes me cautious
mid day draft
and i've never asked permission
she says simply pay me back

now i'm standing in the doorway
trying hard to hide my tears
ain't much to say in knowing
that i don't belong in here
so i've booked the next hotel
about 12 miles out of town
and left damp pre dawn virginia
without so much as a sound

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