Tuesday, December 27, 2005

what do you feel in the frost bite days

so they split the atom
and the sound barrier snapped
but the ethics of a man in here
leave the soul feeling so trapped

i use to know this thing that made
my soul grow so insane
the time well spent did comfort me
until my heart went lame
and now i know that i'm without
a few pieces vital true
and i know that somthing lies just passed
the last place i loved you

and happiness eludes us as we try to keep the peace
no unkind words ave been disbursed in fear of how you'd break
but i've seen it all this first sad time
i'm cold enough to drop the dime
as i listen to the rim shots of the misplaced memories
and know that though uncomfortable tommorow isn't fate

i know the way you feel
as I seperate your perfect form
and where to lend the heart beat
to make sure that you keep warm
but i'm drowning in the last few days
that we have been apart
and i ramble incoherent until the next false start

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