Friday, December 23, 2005

for Lillian, in light of a dieing grandfather

Lily flower of her time
Living Laughing Lovely Fine
head gone for long
heart strong
smells of a nicotine song
No one has forgotten
even though your time has passed
We hold tight to Lilly’s petals
that will forever last:
Perfect Potato Soulfood Maker
made fine to wine and dine
Classy Cozy Comfy Rosy
A flower of her time
laughing loudly picture box
Christmas Elvis sings
secret rooftop rendezvous
precious shinning things
friendly fish in storybooks
bird pool green and interesting
brazen quails all in a line
A lovely flower of her time
Now mother’s tears begin to fall
so we say good night to Lilly Doll
"Till tomorrow then!"
forever framed in memories

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