Friday, December 23, 2005

Long ago, someone wrote in the sand......Wade

Concealing repressed drops of feeling
now rushing as white waterfalls
down into the rivers that run through the valleys
and into the ocean love flows
flows soft down the cheeks of a lover
for the lover loves the other deeply so

Yet thunder rings through the skies
and from her passionate eyes
the rain does pour
as titian-like tides
and the swells that arise
trap her on the shore

And to venture to sea
would surely be
painful upon return
but to stay on the land
with her feet stuck in sand
the lover’s soul does burn

So she wades in-between
the waters of green
and the sand and the shells on the shore
with tears in her eyes
she silently finds
tranquility in a heart so sore

The tides for now stay
and keep her away
until soon
by the moon
of a new year to bloom
the young lover will be set free

The swells they will cease
and the tide will decrease
and she will rain love in the sea

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