Thursday, December 22, 2005

i'm gonna cum

i'm just putting the pieces together
the glass in my foot would probobly fill in the gaps
but it's been there so long i may just leave it
posterity you know
i lay awake till the sun shows traces of illumination
and i let the world slip away
just making sure that tommorrow will be there when i get up
theres a fly on the wall
and he's reading my thoughts
so i'm thinking real hard about his wife in a sexual waltz
easy comoe easy go
got this world looming close
and i feel the edge coming clse
i feel responsible for my lack of action to date
but the theater is ripe for gorrillas
and i'm growing a taste for blood
placate my insecurities
till there gone
and i'll drink to the new life i bought from a catalouge and ordered over the internet with my gold club masterbation machine
bleed for what you need to live
cause life aint worth living if you have nothing good to die for

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