Friday, December 30, 2005

three toes are better than one

elevator door never really closes
as you pass the all state office
neith the obgyn
some where south of all of this i can see a man in rags
laughing bout the life time spent caring deeply for all this shit
stream lined sewage to the old dark wisdom
that the world wasn't built to accomidate you
just one more trip down memory lane
and i hate myself this morning

what happens to the sloth whos resolve has disolved
does he start to look for more from life
climb to the ground and shake of the mold
cut his finger naills
and dress to impress all of you
wonder in to new york
find a job
a secritary
bmw and a pention in a place he don't belong

for now you swallow lightning bugs
like your the one who thought up love
and pigeons are just filthy doves
like you and you and me

so swallow hard the truth and
bite all the hands that feed you cause there be tender meet in the palm
just incase you ever wondered
and curse all but the ground that lets you stand watchful of the rest of the parisites that fuck buttery toast

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