Friday, December 30, 2005


crayola indiglo
perfect specimen
touch me right here
my pants glow in the rain foreets night
i want it so
ripping my own flesh
helps to pass the time
i hate my job
184 dollars and 76 cents
thats the equivelent to time spent doing shit that you don't care about
buy me a new corvette
i'll sleep in the woods in an old style bath tub
allen ginsberg is better than you
i learned all your songs and i know how to fuck by the sound of a place mate on television
oh the happy little trees never quite deserved you
if you can't find the peace of mind to get the emotional rollercoaster in to the amusment park, then i guess you try borrowing the start up capital
wring of lingring digerydoos i can't tell you you

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