Sunday, December 25, 2005

tired of lying bout how i got this scar

theres too much broken glass to be certain
but i think most of this blood is mine
i wish i'd seen that freight train coming
but i must have blinked a second longer than i thought

picking pieces from my palms for about a week now
thinking bout how i just got out and walked away
what i said upon reciing the phone call
that it must have been stolen as i slept

now the hitcher i picked up to take to frisco
has no place left to store his dreams
and every time i close my eyes
i snap awake hearing his screams

but i never caught his name
and it seems i got away
a broken arm and all the glass one man could eat
but that was long ago
and i've since put some miles
under these swollen feet

made my way back sometime later
and found a lonley widow weeping in that street
i asked her if she'd like a cup of coffee
and where a old twisted soul could stop to eat

she said her shade of blue was left from morning
and her fiance was never coming home
she lost hm few years back
found him near the railroad tracks
in stolen car where he bled out alone

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