Friday, December 09, 2005


Every time I drop the cellophane
Every time my feet turn lame
Every time it's almost
Every time I breathe in a ghost
Every time I feel some sun stroke
Every time there's burnt throat
Every time this blue rubs off
Every time this red gets dark
Every time a prayer is said
Every time you find my bed

some colors don't taste as sweet
make you hate your own lips
they don't disolve quite right
I'm not quite awake enough for this dream

I try to order coffee in chinese
lose a nail dug deep into flesh
take some comfort in parsnips
and the way you bend your knees

Every time I imagine a sound
Every time the corners aren't round
Every time my teeth turn black
Every time I bite you back
Every tim there's a glint of gold
Every face, every fold

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