Thursday, December 29, 2005

Searching for the sound of water rushing
Retracing footprints washed away
By wind or rain or breath
Just wanted to get a taste
Maybe see mad eyed reflection
In pitch dark, only a burning point
Illuminating heaven bound smoke

One road takes you to New Jersey borealis
Explosions in the sky expose
The layers of dust on this town

One of these roads leads far away
From where I lay my hat
And the trap of always knowing
When the lights will change

One is open ended
Paved with yellowed newsprint

One takes you where there’s
Sad fingered man whose truck
Won’t run, and women wonder
What those fields on the other side
Of the mountain smell like

One will lead you to the desert
Dry as earth baked bone
Where miracle sunrise makes
Painful break at the horizon

One should lead to left over
Gun powder
Lost it’s viciousness
To gain independence

I know one leads to warm bed
And a girl with honey scented neck
And tender hands,
Grasping tinder, dried grass and
Pieces of past ghosts

One leads to clear streams
Where the water tastes cool
And rushes loud

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